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Auto NIC failover scripts for Windows & Linux?

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Auto NIC failover scripts for Windows & Linux?

Stan was looking for a NIC failover test script:




Looking for a simple solution for a large financial company…


They have many C7000 enclosures, win2kX, and linux with teamed NICs, dual paths, redundant switches,  etc.


They are asking if we have a script or (semi)automated method, to cause a failover on the NICs, ( Network A -> Network B) to validate, test in-frequently, to verify that all failover networks are working correctly?  This would include doing the failover and verifing network conectivity on Network B, for example….

An automated or manually kicked off script would be the ideal, vs manual intervention on the various servers….


Wondering if someone has tackled this?




From Chris:




I don’t have a script, nor had anyone request this.  However, just thinking off the top of my head, you can use NETSH in Windows to disable a specific connection, and ifconfig down eth# (or if-down if the distro is Red Hat based) in Linux.  I wouldn’t suggest a customer do this during production hours, but rather during maintenance windows (if possible.)




And from Mike:




As part of our Network Configuration Utility, we ship a utility called SetLACState.exe. It can be used to disable/enable a Local Area Connection (LAC) in windows.




Any other suggestions?