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BL460G7 Blades. These Blades will not login to the SAN.

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BL460G7 Blades. These Blades will not login to the SAN.

Guys has anyone seen this problem?


I have an issue where two new bl460 g7 blades will not login to the virtual connect modules.  This isnt the first time this has happened and in the past ive had to reset the virtual connect modules to resolve the issue which is something id rather not keep having to do.  These particular blades are supposed to be on our 3-par array but the storage team cannot se the blades at all on the switch to be able to zone in the storage ect...


Last night i reset the modules and rebooted the servers and i still cannot get these blades to login.  One port on one blade is shown as logged in.  The other blades in the enclosure are ok.


im going to ask our Storage Admins to reset the switch port tonight


Firmware Versions

Virtual connect -1.43

Flex 10 - 3.60

OA - 3.30


HBA Card


Q-Logic 4gb FC QHM2462

Driver firmware - 4.06.01

Storport -

bios - 2.16


Any assistance appreciated.    Many Thanks

Steven Clementi
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Re: BL460G7 Blades. These Blades will not login to the SAN.

When you say "Virtual Connect - 1.43 (for Firmware Versions)... which device are you talking about?  a Virtual Connect Fibre Channel Module? VC-FC modules have a current firmware version of 1.04.



Based on this I assume you have:


Interconnect Bays 1/2: Flex-10 Modules

Interconnect Bays 3/4: VC-FC Modules? (4GB modules, 8GB modules, something different?



What model SAN Switches are they connected to?


The first thing I'd probably do is update the OA to 3.56.  While it should not make much of a difference, there could be a mismatch in firmware compatibility since 3.30 is fairly old now compared the when the VC 3.60 firmware was released.  be sure to check your iLo firmwares first before updating the OA.


Can you attach a screenshot of the Firmware Overview page from the OA?



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