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BL460c G6 NC532i issue with Virtual Connect 3.10

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BL460c G6 NC532i issue with Virtual Connect 3.10

Jean-denis is working a problem:






Some BL460c G6 servers were added to an existing enclosure configured with 2 VC-Enet modules in Interconnec tBay#1 and #2 (VC firmware 3.10).

Interconnect Bay#3 and #4 contains VC-FC 24 port 8G modules  


One of the Bl460c G6 servers is reporting FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF mac addresses for his embedded Nics within OA.


Within VCEM customer sees the following:

"This mezzanine device does not have rear I/O connectivity"


Is that meaning there is an hardware issue with the NC532i embedded NICs on the concerned server or am I missing something




Monty replied:




An Onboard Administrator (OA) show all will have more information on this issue – in particular, I believe it will show that the OA is reporting that server blade is degraded due to a Device Identification Error, plus the active OA syslog might have a message indicating that such an error was discovered on the embedded NIC on that server.


The OA report of device MAC or WWN is based on reading the FRU eeprom for each device.  If one of the FRU eeprom is unreadable, the OA protects the server and interconnects by disabling the ports on those corresponding interconnect modules.




Any other comments or help for Jean-denis?