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BL460c G8 / G1 compatibility - Flex-10, 3020's, and iSCSI

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BL460c G8 / G1 compatibility - Flex-10, 3020's, and iSCSI

I am new to this virtualconnect technology and I'm still trying to understand the interconnects. We currently have 4 BL460c G1 servers configured for iSCSI for ESX 4.1 through two Cisco 3020's thru 1-GB links. (4 NIC's per server), 2 iscsi, 2 mgmt.


We bought 2 BL460 G8's. The G8's have a two Flex-10 adapters each, and 4x 1GB ports in on Mezzanine slot 2.


I powered on the server, and the mezzanine ports show as disconnected. The Flex-10 ports show connected, but they are only showing as 2 ports total on my 3020. (port 6 and port 14 on just one of the switches, not both).


I am assuming I need a VirtualConnect module to map everything correctly? Right? We do not have the need to deploy 10GB ethernet in our org, and I'd like to use the 1GB mezzanine card instead of the Flex-10 adapter, but I can't figure out how to disable one/enable the other. Any help would be appreciated!


In included a SS of the mappings.






Re: BL460c G8 / G1 compatibility - Flex-10, 3020's, and iSCSI

From the screenshot it appears that the enclosure that is being dealt with is a c3000 enclosure. Mapping individual NICs of the servers at the front to interconnect bays are the rear would help enable to state if there would be network connectivity or not.


The attached figure indicates that there are two interconnects in interconnect bays 1 and 2. Interconnect bays 3 and 4 are not populated.


For a half height blade such as HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 Server, cards installed in mezzanine slot 1  are mapped to interconnect bays 1 and 2 and those installed in mezzanine slot 2 are mapped to slots 3 and 4.


Please refer to section “Interconnect bay numbering” on page 18 and section ‘Mapping to interconnect ports” on page 43 of the HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosure Setup and Installation Guide locatable at the following link:


Thus the 4x 1GB ports on Mezzanine slot 2 do not have any network connections because there are no interconnects installed those bays.


Please review the above document for an understanding of how the ports on the server are mapped to various interconnect bays and ensure that the respective interconnect bays are populated with interconnects to have traffic flow through.






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Re: BL460c G8 / G1 compatibility - Flex-10, 3020's, and iSCSI

Thanks for the reply Vijayasarathy, that helped clear it up. One minor issue: In the documentation, mezzanine slot 1 doesn't connect to interconnect bays 1 & 2, it just connects to bay 2. Whether 2 port or 4 port cards.


So in order to utilize switches in interconnect bays 1 & 2, I'll have to use the FLOM flex-10 ports for bay 1 and the mezzanine ports for bay 2. (since bays 3,4 are empty)? I assume there's no way to change this?