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BL680C G5 virtual connect problems

D O'Callaghan
Occasional Contributor

BL680C G5 virtual connect problems

I have a BL680C G5 running RHEL 5.4.

The virtual connect is set to deliver 6 NICs with assigned MAC.

I'm only getting 4 of the Virtual MAC address assigned, the other two NIC seem to have the real MAC of the NICs.

Anyone know why this would happen?

I have RHEL 5.4 installed. I have not installed any of the Prolient support and prefer not to but if anyone knows if a part of the support will solve this problem, please, let me know.

D O'Callaghan
Occasional Contributor

Re: BL680C G5 virtual connect problems


It seems that the incorrect MAC addresses are only been given for a NC360m mezzanine card, all the onboard NICs are working correctly with virtual connect.

Are there any know problems with NC260M cards?