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BL685c G7 and iSCSI offload

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BL685c G7 and iSCSI offload

2 FlexFabrics bay1+bay2

BL685c G7 and onboard NC551i


VC version: 4.01 (latest)

Server BIOS: A20 12/17/2012 (latest)

Emulex FW: v4.2.401.2215 (latest)


Trying to implement the "ISCSI network physically separated" scenario from the iSCSI cookbook.


2 iscsi direct vnet connections from bay1-X2 and bay2-X2 to switch assigned to the iSCSI HBAs in server profile, Boot Setting disabled => iSCSI offload enabled.


Configured CNA identity and controller port settings (ip,subnet,vlan...) via Emulex iSCSI-Select utility on server boot.


No way to get the ping from the hba working to reach one of the other iSCSI ips on the network, trying from the Emulex iSCSI-Select utility.


I tried different szenarios tagged/untagged vlan but no difference.


VC network status linked and OK, no problems in system log.


No idea how to debug/troubleshoot/test/analyze further, other vnet (though shared uplinks and vlans) working properly.


Any hints ideas?


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Re: BL685c G7 and iSCSI offload

Can you provide a screen shot of the profile and the uplinks?

A "Ethernet Network" in VC directly connected to X2 would expect your upstream switch is configured in Access mode and not Trunk mode (802.1q)

So you should also ask your network admin (or check yourself) what the upstream switch port config looks like.

Re: BL685c G7 and iSCSI offload

Hi Caspar!


Thanks a lot, after removing the trunk/lacp and rececking networking/switch config things started working as it should.