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BL860ci2 will not power up

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BL860ci2 will not power up

Mark was looking from some advice:






I have three BL860ci2 blades in a C7000 chassis that will not power up. The chassis has 8, BL460cG6 servers that are working just fine. The chassis has 1/10Bb VC-Enet modules in interconnect bays 1,2,5,6,7,8 and 4Gb VC-FC modules in Interconnect bays 3&4. The BL460C servers all have Emulex FC cards in Mezz slot 1. The BL860c's have Qlogic 8Gb FC cards in mezz slot 1. All servers/interconnects have been updated to the latest versions of firmware/drivers and the OA is at 3.21. The BL860's were actually in another chassis when they were upgraded. The chassis they had been in did not have any VC modules.


When the BL860's were inserted they responded back with a health status of OK. They were not powered up for some time, several weeks. It appears that once a profile was defined for each of the BL860s they went into a degraded state and will not power on.


The showall command shows that all ports on the BL860s are OK for both the LOM NICs and the FC Mezz ports. Showall also shows the System Health and the Internal Health as degraded. It also shows VCM configured as other. The showall logs do not indicate any reason as to why these servers are not responding to a power on.


Is it possible that I cannot mix and match servers with different FC Mezz cards in a VC environment? When they assigned the profile it was done based on the upper number in the full height slot. They arein slots 6, 7 and 8. Do we need to do something relative to slots 14, 15 and 16 when assigning the profile? Certainly was not the case in the chassis with VC, but then again there was not need to assign a profile.


I do not have access to the chassis presently so I cannot gather additional data at this time. Just wondering if anyone may have some idea on what is causing this. BTW, as for power we are showing:


Capacity   12000W

Available   8776W

Allocated  3224W

Present    1663W

Limit        14592W






Steve asked:




What version of VC F/W are you running. I had the similar issue this week, updated to VC 3.15 and it powered up after that..




Mark came back:






Come to find out the VC FW was NOT updated to 3.15 in January like I had thought. It is still at 2.34.  We will upgrade and then see if we are able to power the servers up.


Thanks for your help,




We will see if that fixes the problem.