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BLc7000 - Flex-10 firmware update failure

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BLc7000 - Flex-10 firmware update failure

Manuel had a firmware update issue that he was helping with at a customer:




I have seen a lot of discussion on VC-FC modules not accepting a fw update but little to none on the Enets, so here is my dilemma.  CU has two c7000 enclosures stacked .  Each enclosure has 2 Flex-10 modules and when he started the update, using VCSU 1.5.2, they were at version 2.30.  The update was successful on one module per enclosure (bay 2).  The vcsu log shows the failure occurred during the activation phase at 25%.  The active VCM (bay 1)in the primary enclosure is still at version 2.30.  CU is very hesitant to try the update again due to he lost his SAN connectivity during the first attempt.  He is using iSCSI to connect to his SAN.  He ran a healthcheck and all the modules are good.  Has anyone seen this and if so how were you able to recover? 




Vincent asked:




Have they tried to simply reboot the module in question ? That might just be what it’s waiting for.




Carl also joined in the discussion:




And if the release notes show that the firmware update from 2.30 to 3.15 will require a fabric outage – that outage should only occur once when the FC module firmware is activated. Once they are update no further outage will occur. I have experienced situations where the enet update showed failed – but as Vincent mentioned the remaining modules simply needed a reboot to activate the firmware.




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