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Blade BL460G6 issue after replace Host Bus Adapter (HBA) card

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Blade BL460G6 issue after replace Host Bus Adapter (HBA) card

Mohammed was looking to solve a customer issue:




            We have a strange issue we faced it during the last two months ,when we replace HBA Card of any blade server with new card , the NIC’s are not working ...

We have ESX 4.0U1, once we replaced the HBA card, the attachment screen appeared and the server is not powering up normally...

Any advice





Brian replied:



It sounds like a DCC compatible drivers isn't loaded for the  flex-10 loms.  I am assuming this using Virtual Connect Ethernet modules. After a blade removal this can happen.


Since this is ESX they should be able to load the latest driver from the shell.  You can get ver.1.52 driver from the public drivers website on <><>



Another option would be to boot the firmware maintence cd and then reboot into esx.  After that they will be able to boot esx properly, then perform the driver update.




Any other comments or help for Mohammed?