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Blade BL460c Gen8 and FlexibleAdapter FLB552M Issue

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Blade BL460c Gen8 and FlexibleAdapter FLB552M Issue

Michael had a Mezzanine adapter question for Gen8 blades:




I am using the BL460c Gen8, VC Flex-10 modules and the 554 LOM and the 552 Mezz card. I am not seeing the additional VC ports on the 552 cards.  I only see 2 ports for the 552 cards not the 8 I would expect, and see on the 554 LOM.  Any feedback would be appreciated.


I am using the newest FW versions for the following:

OA – 3.56

VC – 3.60

iLO – 1.05

Server ROM Bios – 2/25/12

Nic 552/554 – 4.1.402.8




Input from Dave:

                You need to right click a port and click the ‘Add’ button for the appropriate number of ports available.

Up to 14 more port for a total of 16, when using the NC5xx series(8 LOMs & 8 MEZZ ports).


The tool knows that we will be starting with 2 ports at the least, then you add what you need.

Could be 64 ports(or more) for a BL890 i2 blade!


Reply from Vincent:

How many Ethernet connections do you have in the VC server profile ? You’d need at least 4 to see 4 FlexNICs per 10Gb port on the mezz card. A 10Gb port becomes “Flex-10ized” only when at least one connection in the profile is mapped to it.




Other comments or suggestions?