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Blade PXE boot + Virtual Connect

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Blade PXE boot + Virtual Connect

Karene had a PXE Boot question:




I’m an Learning&Development Technical trainer,

One of my student said he could only do Virtual Connect PXE boot from LOM1a on all his FlexNICs – do you know/heard about this? Normal behavior? Is there a way to make it otherwise? (not sure of the entire story – again this is a scenario posed by a student in one of my class).


On the same topic, although you can select any NIC on a server to do pxe-boot from Virtual Connect Manager, would this only work if your NIC is enabled in RBSU to do PXE (I doubt that)? Or would VCM force the system to by-pass what is configured in RBSU (mostly what I would expect)? I have no equipment, so I can’t test…




Hongjun had the answer:




Hi Karene,


VC 3.10/3.15 User Guide -

Page 108

Only the first FlexNIC on each physical port of a Flex-10 device can be used for PXE boot. Virtual Connect cannot enable PXE boot on the remaining FlexNICs of a physical port.



If you set first FlexNIC as “enabled” for PXE, it’ll overwrite what’s defined in BIOS. Page 108 also talks about this.




Any other comments or suggestions? Thanks to Hongjun for the answer.