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Blade issues when moving between Chassis

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Blade issues when moving between Chassis



4x C7000s - all half populated with BL460c Gen9's

all Virtual Connected up

2x 8GB FC connections from each virtual connect to Netapp/3par/MSA via cisco MDS

2x10GB uplinks from each virtual connect to our core switches

there is no links between chassis and each chassis is set to its own virtual domain

all vmware esx hosts


so my problem:

i have moved a blade from chassis 1 BAY 4 to chassis 3 BAY 5 -  no problems and everything carries on working correctly

but if i take a new blade and build ESX whilst placed in Chassis 1 BAY 4 if seems to effect the network of the host in Chassis 3 BAY 5 - i dont see how this can be possible?

i have set my bay profiles the same so if i needed to move blades around to work on a chassis i should be able to powerdown and move

also this allows me to provision the WWNs for the storage at the beginning as the so i can keep static wwns against each bay


am i doing something wrong or would this not work? i dont want to have to keep deleting and recreating bay profiles and having to go back to all the storage and adding new WWNs


the switches do not show any isues in the logs for duplicate IPs or MAC issues - the storage looks to be okay but the maangement network seems to drop off for VMware as it it was a duplicate IP - i have been through the host logs and see nothing that points to a duplicate entry or a mac that matches

but somewhere something is effecting this bay move between switches - is there anything additional i can check?





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Re: Blade issues when moving between Chassis


How did you configure the MAC and WWN ranges on enclosures? each enclosure should have a unique range.


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Re: Blade issues when moving between Chassis


yes they are all sperate pre-defined networks

Chassis 1 is using HP Pre-defined 1 for WWN and MAC

Chassis 2 is using HP Predefined 3 for WWN and MAC


i cannot seem to find anything to link them together to see the issues

VC Firmware: 4.45

OA Firmwware: 4.5


these are within the matrix for our blades and was recommended by professional services when we had them installed at the time