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BladeSystem\VCEM Design Help

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BladeSystem\VCEM Design Help

Mark was looking for some help with a customer problem:




I have a customer with the following BladeSystem config:


-         2 x C7000 enclosures in a Multi Enclosure Stacking VC domain

-         VC domain is in a VC domain group managed by VCEM


They need the following config:


-         All servers moved from remote C7000 to the base C7000

-         The remote C7000 removed from the MES VC domain

-         Remote C7000 placed in a new VC domain group managed by a different VCEM server.


So the removed enclosure will have no servers in it while removing it from the VC domain and adding it to a new domain.

Can the above be performed without interrupting the base C7000 enclosure?


Here is my plan:


Separate Enclosure and VC Domain

  1. Power off all servers in CXDCHAP11.
  2. Physically move all servers from CXDCHAP11 to CXDCHAP10.
  3. Reassign server profiles to device bays in CXDCHAP10.
  4. Power on servers.
  5. Check for successful connectivity to LAN and SAN.
  6. Remove CXDCHAP11 from the CAL_VDM_IDC_01 virtual connect domain
    1. The primary base VC module on the CAL_VDM_IDC_01 domain.
    2. Removing a CXDCHAP11 (remote enclosure) from the domain will reset VC back to factory defaults.
    3. Remove stacking links.
      1. Stacking multiple enclosures should be used when there is a premium on 10 Gb Ethernet connections on your switch.
      2. Create a new domain on CXDCHAP11 via VCM.
      3. Create network, shared uplink sets and SAN fabrics.
      4. Update CXDCHAP11 onboard administrator and virtual connect firmware.
      5. Add Gen8 servers to CXDCHAP11.
      6. Update Gen8 server’s firmware (if required).
      7. Import CXDCHAP11 domain into a new VCEM domain group on CXDSIMP2.




Some input from Julio:




Here are some extra details:

1)      Use VC Domain Maintenance on step 6 so it will enable the option to remove the remote enclosure on VCM.

2)      Also on step 6, make sure there isn’t any Ethernet Network or FC SAN Fabric referencing uplink ports from the remote enclosure.

3)      Completing the VC Domain Maintenance will make the adjustments on VCEM to have the original VC Domain Group with the VC Domain with a single enclosure. Check if the remote enclosure is not being displayed on VCEM anymore.

4)      Move step 11 to be before step 9.


Please let me know if you need more details.