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BladeSystem services - Is Virtual Connect FlexFabric included?

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BladeSystem services - Is Virtual Connect FlexFabric included?

Reginald had a question regarding HP Technical Services:






The service listed below is described as the service component for Virtual Connect Flex-10 with a slight description of the service below.


UE603E  HP Startup BladSys c7000 Encd Ntwk SVC


HP Enhanced Network Installation and Startup Service for HP BladeSystem provides configuration and testing of BladeSystem Ethernet switch modules and HP Virtual Connect modules, including the new HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 technology products. This service is specifically designed to facilitate the proper implementation of network protocols and access to advanced features that can help improve the performance, scalability, and reliability of your data center network.


What service component do we quote if the customer is buying FlexFabric? Is the service description above use for all virtual connect networking of which FlexFabric is an oversight and we need to update the service description. Or is there another service out there that will do the same as UE603E but designed for FlexFabric? Can we quote the above service and just tell the customer that both Virtual Connect Flex-10 and FlexFabric are included?






Steve replied:




Yes, this would include all switching and Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules.




Here is the link to recommended BladeSystem service offerings and service description: