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Boot device is being configured by virtual connect

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Boot device is being configured by virtual connect

Ana has a boot device issue:




One of my customers is receiving this message when the server reboots: "boot device is being configured by virtual connect", then it says the server will reboot, and after a while it finally reboots. This happens every time the server is rebooted. They have some other servers on the enclosure but the message only appears on one of them.


The server is a BL460c G7 and the Virtual Connect is running fw version 3.17. I have seen some advisories about version 3.10 but it has never been installed, they have always had 3.17.


Does anybody have any idea about what could be happening or what else we could check to do further troubleshooting?




From Dan:




If they can afford a little downtime, try shutting down the blade, Unassigning the profile from the blade and hitting Save, then re-assign the profile to the blade and try a few reboots.


Another thing to try would be swapping the profiles between 2 blades.  1 working and the 1 problematic.

If the problem follows the profile you could have some kind of profile corruption.

If the problem follows the blade it could be a BIOS setting or CNA setting that is causing this.




Other comments or suggestions? Have you seen this problem?

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Re: Boot device is being configured by virtual connect

Had the same issue on a BL 460 G7, VC firmware 3.30.

Went into Array-config, select boot device and selected "Direct attached storage", Volume 01.

Save - exit.


Then it booted normally.