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Boot from SAN & Virtual Connect Questions

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Boot from SAN & Virtual Connect Questions

Mike had a Boot-From-SAN (BFS) question:




Customer has a BL460c G6 Blade with the QLogic HBA (QMH2562) and is trying to boot ESXi (4.x) off an EVA.


Outside of defining the boot Target WWID & LUN ID in the VC server profile, do changes need to be made to the QLogic card in order for boot from SAN to work?




Terri replied:






Yes, you need to configure the QLogic card appropriately. I recommend the HP Windows BfS document, it has the best description of the pre-requisites before you actually get to install a OS.


Let me know if you have any questions.


 "c-class blades with SAN and Virtual Connect with SAN is what I do"


page 22

Step 2a - QLogic HBAs

1. While the server is booting, press Ctrl+Q to enter Fast!UTIL.

2. From the Select Host Adapter menu, select the HBA you want to boot, and then press Enter.

3. From the Fast!UTIL Options menu, select Configuration Settings, and then press Enter.

4. From the Configuration Settings menu, select Adapter Settings, and then press Enter.

5. From the Adapter Settings menu, change Host Adapter BIOS to Enabled by pressing Enter.

6. Save the changes by pressing the Escape key twice, then select Save Changes.

7. Reboot the server.

8. Exit theFast!UTIL feature.

9. Go to Step 4 - Hardware setup - SAN configuration




See the attached document. Any other suggestions or comments?