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Broadcom 1.60 driver for ESX/ESXi 4.1: Network problems (ping failed) - BL460c G6

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Broadcom 1.60 driver for ESX/ESXi 4.1: Network problems (ping failed) - BL460c G6

Kanwar was looking for some Braodcom driver clarification:




I found the below link;




not sure if it is relevant.




Steve responded and his last sentence is most relevant:




So, to be clear on this does the 1.60 driver correct this issue?


The article refers specifically to “in-box driver version 1.54.1.v41.1-1vmw”


I’m not too keen on this article either as the writer has not proof the 1.60 drive don’t fit the issue…



“Unfortunately there’s nothing out yet to indicate whether this does solve either of the two problems and what others may be introduced.  All I can hope is that VMware, Broadcom and HP worked together and have finally released a driver that doesn’t cause any PSODs and fully supports DDC/SmartLink for ESX 4.1 (as it did perfectly well with version 1.48 on ESX 4.0).”



I just went through this with a customer this week.  He is now fully up to date with fw and drivers, on ESXi 4.1, SmartLink, Link State fail-over etc. and ALL is working well.  With the 1.54 driver they were getting consistent PSOD.


Regards, Steve....




Comments or suggestions? Are you using the new driver?