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Broadcom 1.60 driver for ESX/ESXi 4.1

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Broadcom 1.60 driver for ESX/ESXi 4.1

Some questions from Eyal regarding the installation of the Broadcom 1.60 driver.




The ISO file has the following under the offline-bundle folder




I assume we need to install the 1.60.50.v41.2 file; What about the rest?


Also, has anyone managed to install those under VMware Update Manager? (It gave me an error when I tried to import them into VUM.)




Joao gave us some info:




Hi Eyal,


Not sure if you have figured this one out by now, but I had to update several clusters of ESX servers with the 1.60 driver and I wanted to use VUM so I looked into this and found out that the vmware.xml file inside the zip file didn’t have the proper format (to be imported into VUM) at the <releaseDate> field.


If you edit it and change it to the format of the <buildDate> field, you can then import this file into VUM. Create an extension baseline, attach it to your servers and you are good to go J.Not sure if it is supported or not, but I have updated this driver on several ESX clusters through VUM flawlessly.


You only need the bnx2x-1.60 file.




Any other input or suggestions for Eyal? Hve you updated to this new Broadcom 1.60 driver?