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Brocade vSphere drivers breaking Virtual Connect.

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Brocade vSphere drivers breaking Virtual Connect.


vSphere 5.0 and 5.1

C7000 Enclosures with VC and VC Fiber.

Brocade 5300, DS 300 Switches.

EMC Symmetrix


Ok, my C7000s are mixes of Older G1 blades (mostly Unix) and G7/G8s for VMware.

I have a vSphere farm, with G7s and  Mix of Brocade 804 HBAs as well as QLA 2532s.


OK, someone decided it was a good idea to put in Alias WWNs.  I sorta like the idea, but I dont like it on the whole.  Have had issues with it.


Ok, when I update to vSphere 5, it is fine.  If i try to apply patch "bfa driver for ESX, Patch ID BCD-bfa-" then all the host logs into the Brocade Fabric with the HARDWARE WWNs for the Brocade 804 HBAs.   The virtual connect is essentially broken as soon as I install that Driver.  It essentially unzones / unpresents to my hosts.  


I have mixed Virtual Connect firmware levels, 2.60-3.70, and all of them have the same results.


Any thoughts? IS this a virual connect issue?