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C3000 Enclosure Port Mapping

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C3000 Enclosure Port Mapping

Hey guys,

Pretty interesting problem here - I have two servers I need to configure, one with VMware ESXi 5.5, and the other with FreeNAS 9.10.2. I have the operating systems already installed on my two blades, and they're both configured with an IP address. (VMWare: - FreeNAS:

After configuring my servers, naturally I test communications between them. Here's my problem

When the VMWare server is in Bay 4 - I can ping no problem. My FreeNAS server is in bay 6. I can't seem to ping that for the life of me. So after fooling around with lots of settings and reviewing the port mapping without success, I swapped bays. Now, FreeNAS is in bay 4, and VMWare is in bay 6. As expected, I can now ping my FreeNAS server, but not my VMWare server.

After taking a close look at the port mapping information I've come to the conclusion that both bays communicate through the same port (as far as I can tell). However with that being said I'd expect to ping both machines successfully if that were the case.

I attached a photo of the port mapping information for the FreeNAS server (Bay 4) and the VMWare server (Bay 6) as well as the interconnect module's port mapping info.

Could anybody analyze and help further explain why I'm unable to ping any bay besides 4? I have plugged a wire into EVERY single port and attempted to ping my VMWare server in bay 6 with no success. Right now I have a wire plugged into ports 1 and 2 of my interconnect bay.

Thanks in advance!!!

Freenas PortMap.PNG



VMware port map.PNG



Interconnect Bay Port Mapping.PNG