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C3000 chassis and VC-Fibre Channel module in Bay 2

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C3000 chassis and VC-Fibre Channel module in Bay 2

Brian had an interconnect configuration question on the c3000 chassis:




Can anyone tell me if it is supported to put FC HBA cards in MEZZ1 and put and VC-FC module in bay 2 of a C3000 with a VC-Ethernet module in bay 1 for a customer’s noncritical dev environment?




From Terri:

The c3000 port mapping will show you all embedded NIC port go out interconnect bay 1, so this is where the VC-Ethernet module needs to be. I assume that's what you meant by VC-ETH mod bay 1.


With a FC HBA card in mezz slot 1, both of the ports do go out the one interconnect bay 2 (unlike the c7000).


So its not only supported, its how you would do it with one FC HBA in a c3000.


From Lee:

You cannot put a Virtual Connect FC module in Bay 2.  See the latest Virtual Connect Setup and Installation Guide for the rules.  For the 5th edition, the rules start on page 39.   There is a table showing supported C3000 configurations on page 42.


From Hoa:

Here is the c3000 interconnect mappings and supported configurations.







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