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C7000 Enclosure - BL460 G7 Blade loop failure

Occasional Advisor

C7000 Enclosure - BL460 G7 Blade loop failure

We have C7000 enclosure which connect 4 BL460 G7 server.

OA F/W: 3.32

ILO F/W: 2.07

Cisco Switch 3020 IOS Version: 12.2.(25)

BL460 G7 server in a VM (ESXI 5) culture, two of the server showing network redundant failure. Restart both the servers and error was ok, again we same redundant failure occurred one in one server, again restart the server and it become ok.

Expecting a permanent solution for this, is this happen due to VM traffic?

Is this due to enclosure issue?

Do we need to upgrade the switch F/W version, it has bit old F/W (12.2 (25), latest release is 12.2(54)?


Appreciate community comments and thoughts to resolve the issue.



Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: C7000 Enclosure - BL460 G7 Blade loop failure

Hey, well, why don't you look through the Cisco IOS release notes? Maybe that will tell you if there's a related fix?

How about firmware/drivers on the server's BIOS, HBA, etc?


Maybe it's a network setting on the server or in the switch?


 "is this happen due to VM traffic?" -> Do you have monitoring? Does this happen when there is high amounts of traffic?

Occasional Advisor

Re: C7000 Enclosure - BL460 G7 Blade loop failure



Thanks for the clue.


We have done switch F/W upgrade, it seams OK now.