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C7000: LOM and FlexNics question

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C7000: LOM and FlexNics question

Diego had a customer issue regarding FlexNIC assignment:




Hi Folks,

                I have an issue building a new server profile (first server in the enclosure). the problem is that when you exceed the 7 adapters by profile we get a VLAN problem as the following printscreen (VLAN56 is this case), we did a test removing connection 5 and 6 and VLAN 56 worked fine which means the VLAN is correctly configured, we still investigating to see how we can fix it.


Is there any NICs adapter limitation? Each LOM is supposed to have 4 FlexNic, any known issue? Or I am missing something?



C7000, VC Flex10 module, FW: 4,10.

Gen8 blade.






Reply from Gary:




My guess is that you used two of your flexnics for  storage connections leaving only 6 for Ethernet.  Look at the mapping for the storage and I bet you see lom1:1-b and lom1:2-b.




From Diego:




 I discovered that TS team assined 2 extra FCoE, I requested to delete it and that solve the problem.

Thanks for your accurate sugestion.




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