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C7000 and Virtual Connect not showing at 10Gb after upgrading SFP+

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C7000 and Virtual Connect not showing at 10Gb after upgrading SFP+

Diego was looking for some Virtual Connect and VMware ESX help:




The last Saturday we updated all the SFP from 1Gb to SFP+ 10Gb in our VC Flex-10 modules.

After a successful implementation we realized that some ESX virtual machines are not showing 10Gb connections but others are showing the connections correctly.

After a further investigation we find that the ones with ESXi v3.7 or lower firmware version have the issue as you can see below:




And this is what we see with ESXi firmware version 4 or later:






Input from Mark:




There seems to be some misunderstanding on what it means to update SFP’s and VC Firmware.

Updating SFPs from 1Gb to 10Gb on a module will not reflect any differences to downlink port link speeds.

Upgrading Firmware to VC 4.01 intoduced a new feature which is outlined below. So regardless of 1Gb ot 10Gb SFPs, this feature is part of VC 4.01 and higher and is reflected on all NICS with these exceptions.


Direct from the VC 4.01 Release Notes







Reply from Torbjorn:




This is the result of the QoS feature added in 4.01 (?)


Previously you had to carve/lock the speed of a FlexNIC, with QoS you set a min and a max and the max speed is reflected to the server OS.





Other comments?