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Re: C7000 with 4Gb FC VC Module x 2


C7000 with 4Gb FC VC Module x 2

Hello all,


I'm hoping someone could shine some light on why the two 4Gb FC VC Modules inside cannot be seen in Virtual Connect Manager. The version of VC is 3.61. I've checked that the FC interconnects are supported on that version (409513-B21)


There doesn't seem to be a way of connecting to them via ssh, web etc.I've tried powering off/on, reseating them etc. They are in bays 5 and 6 (There are green lights on both). I have two 1/10Gb VC ethernet modules in bays 1 and 2


The version of onboard administrator is 4.22


many thanks



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Re: C7000 with 4Gb FC VC Module x 2

They aren't seen in Virtual Connect Manager?  Or you can't manage them from VCM?


If they aren't seen at all.  do they show up in the OA?  if not you might have some type of hardware issue.


If they are seen in Virtual Connect Manager but unable to be managed:

The 4Gb VC-FC modules need to be running VC-FC version 1.43 to be compatible with the VC 3.61 FW.


make sure they are getting IP addresses (you can see this in OA EBIPA settings whether EBIPA is used or not) and make sure you can ping the module IPs.


VC-FC modules are managed via Virtual Connect Manager, you cannot connect via SSH to manage them.


Re: C7000 with 4Gb FC VC Module x 2

Thanks for getting back Hem


They are seen in VCM but do not have ip addresses. I have configured EBIPA and IP addresses seem to work fine for other interconnects and bays.


The hardware side of things seems fine for the 4Gb FC VC interconnects, just no management capability


Screen shots taken from VC Manager and OA are attached


Thanks again






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Re: C7000 with 4Gb FC VC Module x 2

I think this is related to Firmware mismatch. EBIPA has nothing to do with it. VCM is managing the modules.


Reseat one module, see what''s happening if it come back ok. Use VCSU to check health and upgrade.