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Can VC detect VLAN outage?

Occasional Advisor

Can VC detect VLAN outage?

Hi guys,


We are planning to upgrade our switches and what VLANs are presented, but i have some concerns before we progress.


Current setup is 2x VC FlexFabric modules that connect to our switch


From what i understand, VC modules will failover whenever a link loses connectivity.  So what happens when say the VLAN configuration is removed from one of the ports on the switches (while the other port remains as it is)?  Technically the link is not down, so potentially is traffic being sent out still to a port that wont accept the VLAN packets?


Does VC have smarts to determine if VLAN tagged traffic is not reaching its destination on 1 port, and default over to the other port?



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Re: Can VC detect VLAN outage?

Short answer is no.  The VC only cares that the link is up, it's not tracking the individual VLANs.  


You'd have to enable something on the OS, like beacon probing in ESX.