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BladeSystem Virtual Connect
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Can you use Flex10 as the "switch" between two P4300 nodes?

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Can you use Flex10 as the "switch" between two P4300 nodes?

Angus had a Virtual Connect question:




I have a customer who is interested in using P4300 nodes in conjunction with the Flex10 modules in a c7000. However they wish to plug the nodes (with 10gBE port upgrades) direct into the flex10 modules to create shared iscsi storage environment for the enclosure. There will be no other switches included.

Can this be done? Has anyone tried this before? Is it supported?




Lots of feedback.




From Joe:

NO.  this question has come up at least twice in the last ten days.  The Virtual Connect "switches" are not Level 3 or routable switches.  A real upstream level 3  network switch is required.


From Ramu:

L3 is not required for this. As long the servers and iSCSI storage are in single broadcast domain (i.e one vlan) it should work.


Since this configuration may not provide high availability in certain situations, you may check on supported configurations before suggesting this to customer.


From Gergo:

However, the nodes may need to communicate with each other but Flex10 doesn't do switching for the outside world.  In that case the system will start with a split brain.

You need an external Layer2 switch at least.


And from Cullen:

The things you need to be aware of if you connect things directly to the Flex10 are:


1. The external devices will not be able to talk to each other via Flex10.

2. The external devices will not be able to talk to anything outside the enclosure via the Flex10.

3. The external devices will only be able to talk to devices in the enclosure within the networks defined for the uplinks.

4. If you connect more than one uplink to an external device, only one of those will be active.




Anyone doing this now? Comments or input?