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Change the Virtual Connect LACP Timeout FAST

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Change the Virtual Connect LACP Timeout FAST

Andreas has a customer question on LACP timeout settings.




One of my Customers has a Virtual Connect Module connected to an CISCO Nexus (7000) Switch with an LACP Channel. Works fine by the way. Now customer must change the LACP Timeout FAST (1s times out after 3s) to SLOW (30s times out after 90s) to do an ISSU SW Upgrade on his Nexus! Here a Link to a CISCO Documentation:

As far as I know from our VC Documentation VC supports only the FAST Timing (1s)…


Now my Questions:

1. Is there a hidden command to set the LACP Timeout to SLOW (30s). And is this supportet?

And how long will the LACP Channel unusable after the Parameter change?

2. OR - if the Nexus use the SLOW Timing does the VC automatically adapt and use also the SLOW Timing and the Channel works stable?




Reply from Fred:




VC currently supports the 1 second timer. This isn’t configurable. We do follow the standard and honor the request from the external switch, but VC always requests short timers from the external switch.




Comments or questions?


Hongjun Ma
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Re: Change the Virtual Connect LACP Timeout FAST

VC3.70 will have the option to change VC timeout from default fast to normal(30 sec).


it should be available to in about a couple of weeks.

My VC blog:

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Re: Change the Virtual Connect LACP Timeout FAST

Did VC 3.7 ever have this option in it to change to a longer timeout?

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Re: Change the Virtual Connect LACP Timeout FAST

Brian, unfortunately, the ability to change the LACP timer did not make it into the VC 3.70 release.  It is in the 4.00 release, which should be posted soon and is part of the 2013.02 SPP (although it is NOT included in the SPP download, it is a separate web download.)  If you can, please reach out to your HP sales representative, and they should be able to assist you further.

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