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Changing to a different upstream switch for SAN traffic

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Changing to a different upstream switch for SAN traffic



We have a C7000 with 2 Virtual Connect Flex 10 ethernet modules.


The Virtual Connect Flex 10s are connected to our SAN via ISCSI.  Currently the Virtual Connect modules are using port X1-X5 as an LACP group connected up to 2 Cisco switches.


We will be installing 2 Cisco Nexus 5010 switches and will be moving the ISCI SAN traffic to those switches.


My thinking is that this should be a fairly simple move but wanted to know if anyone could see any issues.  


The plan was to move the connection from one of our SANs storgae processors to the new Nexus and then use Port X1 on the VC in Bay 2 to connect to the Nexus.  Once the physical connections are in place I planned on using VC manager to edit the ethernet network defined for the VC in bay 2 and delete ports X2-X5 from that network.


The same process would be repeated for the second storage processor in the SAN and the VC module in bay 1.


Is there a better way to do this?  Is it really this easy?  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.










Hongjun Ma
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Re: Changing to a different upstream switch for SAN traffic

I don't see any issue here. I'm not 100% understanding your topology but you can easily move your iSCSI vlan from exising ports to the new port going up to N5K.


Not sure if you know ISCSI VC cookbook. It's a good tech white paper around VC deployment for iSCSI. you can find the link from my blog VC bookmark page. my blog link is below.

My VC blog: