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Cisco Discover Protocol (CDP) from Nexus 1000V to Cisco 7600 thru Virtual Connect

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Cisco Discover Protocol (CDP) from Nexus 1000V to Cisco 7600 thru Virtual Connect

Bjoern had a Cisco CDP question:




Hello all


According to documentation, for example: Virtual Connect for the Cisco Network Administrator, Virtual Connect does not support Cisco Discovery Protocol(CDP):


"Virtual Connect does not support CDP. VC does support the industry standard protocol called Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) by default. LLDP is functionally equivalent to CDP, although the two protocols are not compatible. "


Is this also the case with tunneled mode in Virtual Connect.

Specifically CDP from Nexus 1000V in VMWare via Virtual Connect(tunneled mode) to Cisco 7600.




Info from Lionel:




CDP is not supported by VC as a discovery protocol meaning VC will not interpret any CDP information received on VC ports or will not transmit (i.e. generate)  any CDP frames to advertise the network but any CDP frame transmitted by a device to VC will be forwarded like any L2 frames to the appropriate port that belongs to this vnet using the destination MAC address. In the case of CDP, this is a multicast address, so all ports of this vnet will receive the frame.  


One important addition, CDP frames are untagged.  So it's only possible to flow through the VC domain if the vnet is using the "Native" option or if it’s a tunnel.