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Clarification/questions about mixing FlexFabric and Flex-10/FC modules.

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Clarification/questions about mixing FlexFabric and Flex-10/FC modules.

Stephen was looking for some configuration help:




Please help clarify a VC module configuration situation.


I have a single enclosure and also 3 enclosures that are VC-linked.  Originally they each had Flex-10 modules in Bays 1 and 2, and VC-FC 8Gb/24 modules in Bays 5 and 6. The Flex-10 modules were stacked across the three enclosures.


I wanted to introduce FlexFabric capability into the mix, so added FlexFabric 10Gb/24 modules into Bays 3 and 4 of each enclosure (the existing modules remain), and rearranged stacking to include them into the loops too.  Some of the Blades have FF CNA mezzanines to be able to use Bays3/4. Up until now I have not had cause to configure the use of the FlexFabric mezzanines so no uplinks are configured on the FF modules (10Gb or FC). This may change soon though.


The Flex-10 modules remain the “primary” ones for VC Manager.


I based my stacking design on info given in the VC Setup and Installation Guide, where it shows how FlexFabric and Flex-10 modules can be linked together. I thought I was obeying the configuration rules.


However, I am now reading documentation (“CloudSystem Matrix 6.3 u1 Compatibility Chart”, Apr 2012, p6) that says VC FF modules should not be added to existing enclosures with Flex-10 and FC modules. “Mixing FlexFabric and non-FlexFabric VC modules within the same enclosure is not permitted”.


There seems to be similar info mentioned within this PDL archive.


  • Please clarify whether my configuration is valid after-all.
    • I have so far not experienced any obvious problems (but my environment is quite simple).
    • I use VCEM to manage server profiles, and this seems to behave OK with both “static” servers and Logical Server assignment.


  • If this is invalid, what problems am I likely to see? (I read about seeing conflicting VC Managers)
  • What is the way out from this?
  • Can I “quietly” remove the FF modules and redeploy them into other enclosures, but they have to be without VC-Flex10 and VC-FC?
    • Does removal mean I have to recreate my domains?


Thanks for any and all enlightenment.




Input from Vincent:




CloudSystem Matrix has its own set of rules that are more restrictive than the “general” rules. Your config is OK if you’re NOT running CloudSystem Matrix (or possibly even Matrix Operating Environment). For VC and VCEM, it’s fine.




Any other comments or questions?