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Connecting Servers to Virtual Connect Flex10 Direct

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Connecting Servers to Virtual Connect Flex10 Direct

Yee had a question regarding connecting ML/DL servers to Virtual Connect Flex-10:




Hi all,


This is probably a non-supported configuration, but we just need such a setup for POC to avoid buying a 10G switch.

I believe the blade server should be able to connect to the file share, what I’m not certain is whether the DL580s are able to see the same file share? Sounds weird having inter uplink ports communication.


Suppose I have multiple 10G connections from the DL580G7 to the VC uplink ports, will there be any way to LACP them?

Or will VC disable (make them passive) the extra ports as this is our way of loop prevention?






Cullen responded:




As I understand it, in the scenario below only 1 uplink port will be active at any time.  The others will be in standby mode.  The blade will be able to communicate with either a DL580 or the file server (though which one will depend).  The DL580s will not be able to communicate either with each other or with the file server.




Other comments? Are you implementing this?