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Connection between Virtual NICS on Virtual Connect Flex-10

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Connection between Virtual NICS on Virtual Connect Flex-10

Fabio had a Virtual Connect question:






One is possible to connect two Virtual NICS created on profiles assigned to different blade servers ( on a single Virtual Connect Flex-10 module ), without accessing the external networks ( through the module ) ?




We had some of the specialists jump into the conversation:




Rick asked:

Wouldn't you just assign each of the two flexnics to their own vNet (right term?)  without an uplink defined?



Steve answered:

Yes, If you have two servers in an enclosure and they do see each other, you can create a vNet with no uplinks, then place one NIC from each server in that vNet.  Comms between servers will remain on that module.


Cullen agreed:

If two NICs are attached to the same Virtual Connect network they communicate without the traffic leaving the enclosure.  If they are connected two different networks, then the traffic must leave the enclosure and go through a router/gateway.




A good way to shorten latency and not have to involve the switch infrastructure. And it can be a good way to segment server-to-server traffic.