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Connection issues | C7000 with Core Switch

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Connection issues | C7000 with Core Switch


Need a suggestion. 

We have a new C7000, with couple of Flex10/10D modules.  We need to connect this to core switch(which is Cisco 4506), and have the following doubts - 

1. Both are stiuated in different rooms. Which cable to use, and what is the maximum distance it allows between enclosure and Core Switch ? 

2.  On one end we have Flex10/10D, and on the other end we have Cisco 4506 as core switch. If we are using a Fiber cable(or maybe a twinax cable ?), how would the connection work at both ends  ? Fiber at Flex10 end, and RJ45 at Core Switch end ? Maybe a transceiver ?

3.  Will the connection work when we have 1GB limitation at core switch, but Flex10 works on 10GB ports ?  

4.  Finally, if we fill up c7000 with all 16 blades(each with 1 ethernet card and 1 HBA with 2 ports ( 560FLB FIO + 560M + 2572 8GB FC Adapter)) - how many Flex10/10D modules are sufficient (we have ordered 2 for now)?  


Re: Connection issues | C7000 with Core Switch

If you only have 1Gb option @ 4506 core, then you need to populate the Flex-10/10D with either a 1Gb SFP-SX Transceiver if you want to run Fiber to 4506 or a 1Gb SFP-RJ-45 Transceiver for CAT5

HP BladeSystem c-Class Virtual Connect 1G SFP SX Transceiver 453151-B21

HP BladeSystem c-Class Virtual Connect 1G SFP RJ-45 Transceiver 453154-B21 

A 10Gb Tranceiver will not run 1Gb to core so that is not an option.

The only way to increase bandwidth is to bond 1Gb ports together and connect to core.

You do have the option of installing (8) either 1Gb SX or 1Gb RJ-45 SFPs and connected to the core switch and forming a bond/or etherchannel to get 8Gb pipe. That is you have that many ports available on a line card on 4506

The downlink ports are independent of the uplink ports so the downlink (Server NICS) can still operate at 10Gb even though you are only uplinked at 1Gb. You would just be under-subscribed. if you had 16 Servers x 10Gb leaving a 1Gb uplink.

2 is sufficient for the Flex-10/10D modules