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Re: Creating a VC domain

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Creating a VC domain

Hello all

I'm in charge of some C7000 enclosures that have been installed by some peop^le months ago.

One has 2xHP 1/10Gb VC-Enet Module and 2xHP 4Gb VC-FC Module


Blades servers are running ESX OS and access LUN over the SAN


but .. the people who installed this didn't create any VC domain ...


I need one ..  to make some specific Fabric configurations,

but when I use the HP Virtual Connect Domain Setup Wizard, it tells me :

"This step will disable network access to all blade servers in the enclosure until Virtual Connect Networks are configured and Virtual Connect Server Profiles have been applied to the servers."


Is this network downtime will take a long ?

Do I have to stop applications and servers ?


Many thanks in advance





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Re: Creating a VC domain

Hi Patrick,


To create or modify VC Domain configuration all the servers in the blade enclosure should be powered off. Please check the cookbook's which has complete details on the Virtual Connect the files to download.


HP Virtual Connect Ethernet Cookbook:Single and Multi Enclosure Domain (Stacked) Scenarios

HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric Cookbook

HP Virtual Connect with iSCSI Cookbook


Click here for the HP Virtual Connect cookbooks link.





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Re: Creating a VC domain

it's a warning message but since you don't have VC domain created, it really does't matter. all those blades shouldn't have any LAN/SAN connectivities before domain is created. the next step just take several secs in general and it's very quick

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Re: Creating a VC domain



We just added to new flex-10 Virtual Connect interconnect modules to our chassis and I'm wondering also about the network connectivity. We have production up and running using other network switches in other interconnect bays, will this really switch off all the network connectivity -> crash the production if I continue?



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Re: Creating a VC domain

Hi @anttipennanen ,

Did you ever find an answer to this?

We are in the exact same position, we have a heap of servers running in production and we just want to configure up the new VC modules but we're worried because of the warning message saying it'll disable all blade networking.

Any input appreciated!


CC/ @Hongjun Ma

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Re: Creating a VC domain

Hi @anttipennanen and @s_mcleod

Did you ever get an answer to your question.

We are in a similar position. We are adding a pair of Virtual Connect interconnects to an existing C7000 chassis. The blades are already configured to use the Cisco 1GbE switches in the Chassis. 

Do you know if configuring the Domain will disable ALL blade network traffic including that running through the 1GbE Cisco interconnects?

Many thanks for your help,


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Re: Creating a VC domain

Hey @MattRupprecht,

No, never got an answer and I can't remember what we ended up doing.

We've had so many problems with HPE blade switches it's ridiculous.

We ended up swapping the switches out with about 4 or 5 different models to try and find a reliable option, none of them have been good.

Currently for inter-blade (virtualisation management / comms) networking we're using HP VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24-Port Modules (PN 571956-B21) setup as dumb switches with absolutely minimal (esentially no) configuration, we still have to be very careful with them as things as simple as power cycling a blade can cause them to lock up and require a reset and don't even get me started on updating their firmware...

But all HPE blade switches (HPE/Cisco/Nortel models) proved so unrelaible we ended up throwing out all the various models we tried for our 'data' networks and put in pass-through modules. (HP 10GbE Pass-Thru Module, PN 538113-B21) which have had their own share of dodgy problems, but not nearly as many as the switches available.

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Re: Creating a VC domain

Yes all connections will be remapped to VC connections

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