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Deleting Multiple Ethernet Networks in Virtual Connect

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Deleting Multiple Ethernet Networks in Virtual Connect

Kiran asked a Virtual Connect question:




Hi Experts,


Can you kindly advise, how to delete all the networks which are created in Virtual Connect in one shot?


I don’t find an option to select all and delete. Is there a reason why this feature is still not in VC?


VC Flex-10 FW version: 3.10




Ken responded:




This isn’t a normal operational use case.  This is the sort of thing you’d run into during testing or training,  I don’t think it’s a use case we should apply our limited development resources too.


Scripting is a better solution for bulk tasks.   You can write a simple script to delete all the networks.  “remove network *” is all you need.


If you just want to remove certain networks, that could be scripted too.


Remove network iSCSI

Remove network SC

Remove network VMnetwork

Remove network VMnetwork1

Remove network VMnetwork2

Remove network VMnetwork3

Remove network VMnetwork4

Remove network VMnetwork5

Remove network VMnetwork6




Comments? What do you think is the right way to delete networks in Virtual Connect?