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Direct connect Netapp to Virtual Connect Flex-10 module

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Direct connect Netapp to Virtual Connect Flex-10 module

Avi had a customer question:




Is it SUPPORTED to connect Netapp FAS3160  directly to Flex10 via Ethernet .

The Netapp have 2 controllers, each controller to separate Flex10.

The ports speed 1GB.




Reply from Jim:




While it may be possible( I have customers who have tried this with varying degrees of success) to achieve  connectivity with Flex-10 module via direct connect on a  NetApp it is not a supported configuration.




Input from Cullen:




You can connect any Ethernet device you want directly to a Flex-10 uplink, but you need to be aware of the limitations and features of that link.  In particular:

-          Virtual Connect is not a switch and does not act like a standard switch.

-          Virtual Connect will not pass packets that come in on one uplink port to another uplink port.  Anything attached directly to an uplink port will only be reachable from systems within the VC domain and only if they are connected to the network assigned for this external device.

-          If you assign two uplink ports to the same uplink set, one will be active and the other standby.  This may cause issues if the external device wants to send traffic through the standby connection.




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