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Domain Name Service (DNS) name for VC modules?

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Domain Name Service (DNS) name for VC modules?

Zoltan was looking for customer help:




Customer reported something interesting.


In older VC FWs there existed a kind of “own name” of the VC module (VC-ENET). It was something like VCENET1...8 (where 1...8 is the actual SN of the module). It was “builtin” into the VC module.

This name really worked as a DNS name for the dynamic DNS registration / in the case of DHCP assigned IP for the VCs.


Now, in the newer FW versions seems that is not existing anymore.


Customer would welcome back this feature. Is it possible?


Any comments are welcome!




Alex replied:




This functionality is still there and starting with VC v3.30 you can customize these hostnames.






Have you used this feature? Let us know how it works.