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Dual-Stack ipv4/6 on same nic

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Dual-Stack ipv4/6 on same nic

John had an IPv6 question:




I have a customer who is testing ipv6 on their Application and come across a situation where they need to dual-stack ipv4/6 on the same nic, They are currently using  VC Flex10 module with BL460G6 & BL620G7 Blade Servers.


They want to provide an "ethernet network"  with two external network references.  Is creating VLan Tags the best way to achieve this or does anybody have a best practice guide available?


Any help or advice you can provide would be much appreciated.




Chris replied:




VC Flex-10 does not know about IPv4 or IPv6 – (this is Layer 3 – routing layer).  VC Flex-10 operates in a lower layer (Layer 2) of the networking stack i.e. Ethernet layer.


Ethernet packets will carry whatever payload they are given e.g. IPv4, ICMP, IPv6 etc.  I am pretty sure that some people could carry more exotic protocols too, at least on Linux and Solaris hosts – OSI, DECnet, LAT, etc.




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