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ESXi5 / FlexFabric / network failure

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ESXi5 / FlexFabric / network failure

Hi All,


We have recently purchased one c-7000 enclosure with 4 Full height bl680c blade servers  (each server with 4 CPU of  8 cores +512 GB ram) & two VC Flexfabrix switch.


virtaul connect has been configured in Active/Active configuration alomg with FCoE for SAN connectivty to the server


on the server vmware esxi5 has been installed and the blade firmware are at the current matix level


On the server profile we are using 14 nic for ethernet connectivity and 2 as flex HBA.


there are random nic failures on all the server casuing the production to go down.


Did any one has such an incident, if yes pls do let me know how was it fixed.









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Re: ESXi5 / FlexFabric / network failure

What firmware are your LOM's at? Have you looked into updating your network drivers?
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Re: ESXi5 / FlexFabric / network failure

I've seen all sorts of disconnections between ESXi servers and Virtual Connect. From past experience and in order to get a stable environment you always need the following 3 to be aligned:


- VC firmware

- NIC firmware

- NIC driver


Fortunately, HP now has what they call the "VMware Software Recipe" docs which can help you pinpoint the exact versions that you need. Take a look here:


Good luck!


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Re: ESXi5 / FlexFabric / network failure

Hi Guys,


What I found is that there are maximum configuration limitaion on the esxi virtaul environment.


we are going through it and will update you with the result.