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Emulex LPE1205 WWN Issues

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Emulex LPE1205 WWN Issues

Timur was having issues with World Wide Names with a BL490c G6 and the Emulex Host Bus Adapter:




Hello Team,


One of my customers is having issues with a BL490c G6 and Emulex LPe1205 card, the issue is with the WWNs. According to "show all" report these are the WWNs assigned to this card do not match the WWNs from the Brocade SAN switch. Other servers are matching and showing the correct WWN information.


Is this a server issue? Or Switch issue?


OA FW 3.11

Latest BIOS and latest Emulex BIOS.


Customer tried a known good card in this blade and the issue continues the same.




Monty replied:




The OA report of mezzanine card port IDs is based on values written into the FRU eeprom on that mezzanine card by the manufacturer of that card.


If the manufacturer wrote a different ID into the device itself than the ID they wrote into the FRU eeprom – then the OA report of the port ID will not match the device port ID.


This mismatch of ID values is on the mezzanine card itself and will persist until that mezzanine card is replaced. 

It is a mezzanine card issue, not an OA issue, not a server issue and not a switch issue.


When Virtual Connect is present in an enclosure, Virtual Connect manager informs the OA if the port ID has been changed to a VC managed port ID, so the OA can display the new value.




And Walton added:




It’s not clear if the current configuration includes Virtual Connect Fibre Channel (VCFC) or not.  If a mezzanine card has ever been used in a VCFC configuration, the HBA’s original factory assigned WWNs may have been overwritten in the HBA NVRAM (but not the FRU). The content of the FRU on the mezz card does not get updated when a VCFC profile is applied. (As Monty pointed out, VC Manager does inform the OA so that a substitution can be made in OA reports.)


If this mezz card is removed from a VCFC system without deleting the profile, the WWNs in the actual HBA NVRAM will remain modified, while the WWNs in the FRU memory will be the originally assigned WWNs from the factory. You can get to the bottom of this by looking at the card physically. There is a label with the factory assigned WWNs on it. If you are in a non-VC environment, these are the WWNs you should see on the SAN, and they will match what the OA reports from the FRU. If you see WWNs other than those in a non-VCFC system, then the card has at some point been in a VC config and got virtual WWNs written that have not been removed.




Other comments or suggestions?