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Enclosure Bay IP Addressing (EBIPA) issue

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Enclosure Bay IP Addressing (EBIPA) issue

Dave had a question about EBIPA and how to calculate subnet addresses and what is reserved for what:



Have a customer using a subnet mask of and filled in the first bay with address and select autofill.  Bay 7 gets the address of and bay 8 gets the address  I know EBIPA is doing what its designed to do, and the customer hasn’t complained that they cannot reach the iLO in bay 8 but I thought IP address “” was reserved for lack of a better term.  Is this a potential issue for this customer?


Cullen and Monty chimed in:



There are two “reserved” addresses used for broadcast in a network:  host bits all 0, and host bits all 1.


The network portion of ( is and the host portion is 3.0 (or binary 1100000000) which is neither all 0 nor all 1.


IP Subnet Calculator is your friend J

If you select Class B and 22 Mask Bits and plug in

The calculator indicates the Host Address Range is –

Both and are allowed host IP addresses.


Only two IP addresses are reserved in all subnets – the first .0 and the last .255.  The ones in between for subnets larger than 255 are allowed.


Real men figure out subnet masks in their head.



Good discussion and good info with the calculator. Any other good tools you use?