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Enclosure will not import in VCM / "Unintegrated" FC module

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Enclosure will not import in VCM / "Unintegrated" FC module

Kelly was looking to help a customer:






Formerly chassis X, redeployed as Y.

All new IP addresses and DNS entries.
Flex-10D in Bay1,2 (v3.70)
8Gb 20-Port FC in Bay3,4

Steps completed so far -

Updated VC FC module firmware from 1.40 to 1.43  (VCSU healthcheck shows the FC module in Bay3 as 'Unintegrated')

Updated OA firmware from 3.60 to 3.71

Configured OAs via SSH/script commands.

Ran VCM wizard and import enclosure gives - ERROR




Cleared VC mode.  Thought that might help.  

I'm not sure where to check for the OA link to another VC domain.  LDAP is working. DNS is working.

I reset the OA  to factory defaults and configured via SSH/script commands. Still unable to import.

Virtual Connect mode is currently Disabled.  (Was Enabled during first attempts)

Opened case with HP and they asked for OA reseat..
Opened ticket for our data center team to perform steps-

Remove OA1 and OA2
Remove OA tray
Reseat tray
Reseat OA1
Wait 5 min
Reseat OA

Questions for HP -
Firmware compatibility issues between OA and VC?  Need to flash VC to v3.75?
Does FC module that shows 'Unitegrated' need to be resolved before import can happen? More reseats? Ughh...
Cannot find any documentation on what 'Unintegrated' really means.





The answer was found:




For those who may be interested….


First – my contact had a type-o in the original message.  The module which was “Unintegrated” was bay 2 (a new 10D module, not a VC FC).


With some advice from Mr. Stratton, we moved BOTH 10D modules from bay 1 & 2 to bay 5 & 6 in the same enclosure, allowed them to fully boot and zero-out their config (5 minutes).   We then placed them back into bay 1 & 2, and everything worked.


Note:  The enclosure was getting “upgraded”, it originally had Flex-10 modules, these were two NEW Flex-10D modules.  This is about the 15th enclosure we had updated, but the first time we hit this…  not sure why – but all is well now.