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Expanded Vlan in the virtual connect V3.30

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Expanded Vlan in the virtual connect V3.30

The virtual connect configured in Legacy VLAN, allow me to mapped 28 VLANs per interfaces => in total: 168


In the documentation I found that with the Expanded VLAN  I will mapped 162 VLANs MAX.

How will be divide? By server Profile or By interfaces on a server profile?

What’s append if we mapped 163? It’s possible to do or the Virtual Connect will say “I cannot map because there are to many VLANs mapped”?


For the implementation, Is that possible to do this without an interruption of the service?

What is the best procedure? DO I have only to check the option?


For the future I’ve you got a view? Will HP upgrade the total of VLANs mapped in a next upgrade?


And for the VLAN Trunking option, what is the procedure to pass from our configuration VC domain + Share Uplink to a vlan Trunking configuration?



Hongjun Ma
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Re: Expanded Vlan in the virtual connect V3.30

162 is the limitation per physical port. Assuming your 10G port has a/b/c/d 4 flexNICs, the sum of vnets on all these 4 flexnics can't exceed 162.


I assume you should get error. at least that's the case before with 28 vnets per flexNIC.


i'm not aware of any short term plan to increase this number. if you want more than that, maybe tunnel vnet can fit your requirement.


not sure what you mean by last question for vlan trunking config.

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Re: Expanded Vlan in the virtual connect V3.30

If you want to go from an SUS (Shared Uplink Set) to a Tunnel you effectively need to remove the Uplink ports from the SUS and then create a new "Ethernet Network", enable the VLAN Tunneling checkbox and assign it directly to the Uplink ports.


I *think* thats what you were asking.