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FCoE over Virtual Connect (VC) and HP 5900-CP to Brocade SAN

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FCoE over Virtual Connect (VC) and HP 5900-CP to Brocade SAN

ESA has a Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) question:




Hi experts

Have anybody has configured and get working FCoE over HP 5900-CP switch??


San path:

EmulexCNA -> VC10/10D -> HP5900-CP -> Brocade 8/40 -> P6000


All firmwares should be as latest level:

Emulex:                4.9.416.0

VC:                         4.20

5900-CP:              7.1.045(P11) rel 2308P01

Brocade:              7.2.1



We can get one server to login to Brocade.

It seems that we have principle problem: we can mount FCoE storage to only one host at the time located in same blade enclosure. If we try mount FCoE disk to another host at the same time it either kills active FCoE host storage

Connection or it fails (remaining active host FCoE connection alive).


Do someboy have any ides’s which could cause this behavior ?


Full HP 5900-CP config and some display “xyz” attached.






Reply from Lionel:




You need to create one vfc interface for each Blade and use MAC binding. This is necessary because VC is using FIP snooping.




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