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Re: FCoE over a gigabit adapter?

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FCoE over a gigabit adapter?

Hi all.   I have a C7000 chassis with FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port modules in Interconnect bays 5 and 6.  These modules are connected to Brocade FC switches.  I have a Proliant BL460c G6 that I'd like to install in the chassis.  This blade is coming from a different chassis (which had FC modules) and has a FC mezz card in mezz slot 2.  My question is, if I want to connect this server to the SAN, can I just buy a regular gigabit ethernet mezz card (like the NC382m for $300) or do I need to get a CNA card (like a NC553m $900) to do FCoe (internally to the modules) and be able to access the SAN?  Hope I stated that clearly.  Thanks in advance for any input.


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Re: FCoE over a gigabit adapter?

The mezzanine card needs to match the I/O modules installed. In other words a Flexfabric mezzanine card would need to be installed into the mezzanine slot that maps to I/O bays 5 and 6. I suspect that installing a "NIC" into the mezzanine slot for IO bays 5 and 6 would result in an I/O Bay mismatch error.