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Re: FW Upgrade Query

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FW Upgrade Query



We have an old Gen1 C7000 enclosure that needs some TLC and I'm finding it hard to find a document that explains a compatable upgrade path.


Current FW revisions

OA = 3.30

VC = 3.18

ESXi = 4.1 U2

Blades = BL 490c G7 (Old FW)


Intended FW Level  

OA = 4.40

VC = 4.41

ESXi = 4.1 U2 (Installing latest Patches and drivers)

Blades = BL 490c G7 (Install Latest FW)


I just need to know, factoring in that I will be upgrading the current blade\ILO Firmware and drivers, Can I upgrade the VC and OA from the old FW to the New FW directly.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: FW Upgrade Query

Further Note:


We intend to install New BL460c Gen9 servers into the enclosure with ESXi 5.5 U2 (HP OEM Build) and migrate off the G7 Blades.  I'm planning the prep work and know that GEN9's were supported from versions OA 4.30 and VC 4.31.  SO the upgrade is a must