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Felx10/10D C3000 enclosure

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Felx10/10D C3000 enclosure

Hello All,

I started my new job in a company, they have c3000 enclosures and recently they bought Felx10/10D VC modules and Cisco Nexus 5548, it seems C3000 enclosure does not support FCoE, am I right? and if yes what can I do? they alrready bought 6 modules 

Jimmy Vance

Re: Felx10/10D C3000 enclosure

The Flex10/10d is shown as a supported IO module option forthe C3000

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Thomas Martin
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Re: Felx10/10D C3000 enclosure


the Flex10/10D Modul does not support FCOE. You need a FlexFabric Modul for this protocol. But these Modules are not supported in a C3000 Chassis.

You can only use Ethernet and iSCSI Protocol with Flex10/10D Modules. You also need additional Mezzanine Cards for redundancy because the onboard nics are only connected to Bay1.