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Fibre Channel (FC) WWNs on blade Servers

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Fibre Channel (FC) WWNs on blade Servers

Torben was looking to support a customer move:




I have a customer that are going to move a lot of blades from enclosures with Virtual connect defined WWN to enclosures configured to use Factory defined WWN


Is it possible to get the factory wwn of the CNA, before moving the servers, so they can prepare San Zoning.




Reply from Dave:

                As VC modifies the actual CNA and HBA with its virtual MAC and WWNs, I would guess we do not have a way to pull this info until the server is shut down and profile removed.


That being said if they have time they could shut it down, remove the profile w/virtual WWN and then assign a profile created to use factory defaults before they move the blade.


There might be a chance that the CNA /HBA vendor might have a tool to look at the factory WWNs?


Input from Angel:

I think that you can use the OEM utility to see the physical WWN and the logical WWN:


  • For Emulex adapters Emulex OneCommand Manager
  • For Qlogic adapters Qlogic QConvergeConsole
  • For Brocade adapters Host Connectivity Manager

Info from Fred:

We just went through this with one of our customers with Emulex HBAs in their blades.

Very challenging to run OneCommand when you don’t already have it somewhere on the network (e.g. in our case vCenter plug-in).

 Assuming Emulex is your HBA of course …


Might be best to just let VC assign a factory WWN via the profile method and let the VC module put the HBA back to factory WWN.

Then verify the factory assigned WWN is in place, move the blade(s) and you are done.