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Fibre Channel Port availability in Virtual Connect FlexFabric module...

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Fibre Channel Port availability in Virtual Connect FlexFabric module...

Doug had a customer question regarding Virtual Connect FlexFabric:




What is the maximum number of FC ports available in a FlexFabric configuration of 2 modules in a chassis? I am supporting a partner who has a customer that is under the impression that only 2 FC ports per module can be used in a situation where stacking is needed, resulting in only 4 available FC ports for both modules. I see nothing in the quickspecs that would support this as a true statement, but I wanted some confirmation that I am correct in saying that in a two module configuration there would be 8 available FC ports if needed. Since there is no support at this time for FC stacking, only Ethernet ports would be consumed in the case that stacking is needed and all 8 FC ports would still be available. I am relatively new to hp and FlexFabric altogether. Any backing documentation aside from the quickspecs would be helpful, but not required…




Ramu replied:




You are right that stacking is not supported on FC ports.


Each module has 8 numbers of uplink ports. 4 of them are 10 Gbps Ethernet ports and other 4 can be configured as either FC or Ethernet ports. Hence you can configure 8* FC ports maximum in 2 modules.




Any other comments or questions?